Meet Ekaterina Harman.
When Ekaterina Harman was a child, she found her passion in design, art and fashion. Lately she entered Art School and sooner Academy of arts.
As adult she tried herself self in different spheres of job such as marketing, advertisment, textile designer. But non of it gave her that joy she was looking for. As a result Ekaterina quits her job and starts her own path in design and fashion.
She decided to combine her interests as fashion and interior objects all in one project and that is how Dvor Atelier was born.
Dvor Atelier is a house of street wear pieces for women and interior objects, made with passion for strong look and sustainability.
“I want to bring that confidence and luxurious feeling to women when they are wearing my clothes. Style is the way to express yourself and how you feel at that moment.” Ekaterina Harman.
Established since 2019.